quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

Leituras: "50 Things You Don’t Know About Africa"

"50 Things You Don’t Know About Africa:

a) The largest population in SSA is 151.3 million in Nigeria; the smallest is 0.1 million in Seychelles.

b) Cape Verde receives the highest net ODA per capita ($438.2); Nigeria receives the lowest ($9.5).

c) In Guinea-Bissau, the agriculture value-added as percentage of GDP is 51.5 percent; in Botswana it is 1.6 percent.

d) In Seychelles, 92 percent of women are literate; the figure is 13 percent for Chad and 15 percent for Niger.

e) Cape Verde has the highest gross enrolment rate in secondary education (90 percent); Niger has the lowest (11 percent).

f) Women in national parliament total seats are the highest with 56.3 percent in Rwanda and the lowest with 1.8 percent in Sao Tome and Principe. (MDG 3)."

Veja as restantes "Things You Don’t Know About Africa" no web site do World Bank.