terça-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2011

Novo blogue: Power & Policy

O Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs da Harvard Kennedy School acaba de anunciar um novo blogue designado Power & Policy. Na opinião de Graham Allison, Director do Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs "the purpose of this online forum is to advance policy-relevant knowledge about the exercise of American power in the world today. We are pleased to have an exceptional team of contributors with decades of experience thinking about, and executing, U.S. foreign policy. Power & Policy aims to illuminate the role of American power through disciplined policy analysis and prescription. (...)Through this undertaking, we hope to provoke new ideas, sharpen arguments, and gain a deeper understanding of the exercise of power, and America's unique role in the world". Entre as personalidades que participam neste blogue contam-se Joseph Nye, Nicholas Burns ou Graham Allison. A acompanhar!