quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

UNCTAD - "Economic Development in Africa Report’2013: Intra-African Trade Unlocking Private Sector Dinamism"

A UNCTAD acaba de publicar o estudo “Economic Development in Africa Report’2013 - Intra-African Trade: Unlocking Private Sector Dinamism”, dedicado ao tema das relações comerciais intra-africanas, fazendo uma reflexão sobre como a forma como é que o sector privado africano pode contribuir para o crescimento e reforço deste tipo de relações comerciais.
De acordo com este trabalho, “Intra-African trade presents opportunities for sustained growth and development in Africa. It has the potential to reduce vulnerability to global shocks, contribute to economic diversification, enhance export competitiveness and create employment. (…) The report argues that for African countries to reap expected gains from intra-African trade and regional integration, they will need to place the building of productive capacities and domestic entrepreneurship at the heart of the policy agenda for boosting intra-African trade. In this context, the report recommends that African Governments should promote intra-African trade in the context of developmental regionalism. In particular, it stresses the need for a shift from a linear and process based approach to integration, which focuses on elimination of trade barriers, to a more development-based approach to integration, which pays as much attention to the building of productive capacities and private sector development as to the elimination of trade barriers.”