quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2013

Marcas globais e multinacionais de economias emergentes: "Never give up, no matter what"

Via The Economist: "Fortune magazine’s 2012 list of the largest 500 companies by sales revenue included 73 Chinese firms, more than from any other country except the United States, with 132. Yet Interbrand’s 2012 list of the 100 “best global brands” included not one Chinese firm".  Este é um facto relevante, mas que com certeza  irá mudar rapidamente, pois de acordo com a mesma revista  "developing-country firms are swiftly learning the art of branding. A few emerging-market brands have already gone global: it is hard to watch a football match in Europe without having “Emirates” burned onto your retina. More are on the way: Haier of China (white goods), Concha y Toro of Chile (wine), and Natura of Brazil (beauty products). Westerners feeling besieged by the rise of the developing world comfort themselves with the thought that they still hold the high ground of premium-priced branded goods. But they should be in no doubt that emerging-market contenders are mounting their warhorses and readying their battering-rams". A seguir, pois as estas novas multinacionais "Never give up, no matter what"!